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Blind bags are a great option for children and adults looking for an enjoyable and more affordable way to collect and trade figures, which is a win-win. Plus, who doesn’t love a surprise? Especially on birthdays - they are the perfect present!

For too long, kids have been asking their parents to buy expensive action figures, only for them to be played with once and left in the toy box to gather dust. The solution? Blind bags! Read on to find out how you can identify them, and the best ones to collect. 

Here are the main benefits of buying and collecting blind bags:

  • The element of surprise. Buying a blind bag creates an element of excitement and suspense. The hope of getting your favourite character can evoke a thrill in kids and adults alike. 
  • Affordable. Compared to regular action figures, blind bags can be 5x cheaper. 
  • Creativity and imagination. Blind bags can encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to create scenarios from their favourite characters. Blind bags can also be used with separate playsets from similar brands. 
  • Social. Kids and adults alike can be encouraged to be social by trading blind bag figures with friends. 

What Are Blind Bags and How Do They Work?

Blind bags come in all shapes and sizes but are often small (and usually thin) bags that contain a surprise toy or collectible figure inside. They can contain a wide variety of toys and collectibles, including figures, keychains, stickers, and more. They can be sold in sets, or separately, with each set containing a specific theme or set of characters.

The aim is to collect the whole series of characters, but it can be tough to do when they’re sold randomly.

How to Collect a Full Blind Bag Series
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1. Buy an Identified Set

If you look hard enough, you’ll find sellers of blind bags who offer a fully identified set of blind bags. For example, we offer an identified set of Toy Story blind bags. This method is the quickest and most cost-effective to collect an entire set. However, it’s uncommon for sellers to do it. Here at Toptoys2u, we sell a range of identified blind bag sets, such as Disney Princess, Hello Kitty and Transformers!

2. Ask for a Specific Code

blind bag code to identify characters

Blind bags are identifiable by a faint code on the packaging which most people don’t notice. If you ask a seller to send a specific code in the notes of your order, they may oblige. This will save you from getting duplicates when purchasing a single blind bag.

There are dedicated websites and YouTube channels that can tell you the codes of the series of blind bags you’re collecting. One of these is our own YouTube channel, where we identify our own blind bags. Check it out here

3. Buy a Blind Bag Bundle

disney pixar minis blind bags

If the two methods above aren’t possible, the next best way is to buy multiple random blind bags at once. This way, you increase your chances of getting different figures. Once you open them all, you can see which ones you have left to collect.

The downside to this is you’re likely to get duplicates. You’ll still save on individual prices when buying a single blind bag. 

Don’t forget, we offer many Blind bag bundles. From Beyblade, Transformers, Micro Machines, and Toy Story.  These bundles are designed to help you save more when you buy more. In the long run, it's cheaper to buy more than one blind bag at a time.

Best Blind Bag Brands

The blind bag toy industry is unsurprisingly dominated by Hasbro, Mattel, and Fisher-Price. But what are their best series? Check them out below: 

  • Fisher Price - Imaginext
  • Mattel - Disney Pixar Minis
  • Hasbro - Tiny Turbo Changers
  • Just Toys - Squishme
  • Funko - Pint Sized Heroes
  • Hasbro - Beyblade Micros
  • Hasbro - Disney Princess Blind Bags

When you buy blind bags from these brands, the quality is always good. They’re made well, are strong, and are highly detailed for figures of a small size. 

Blind Bags for Boys

Toptoys2u has a wide variety of Blind Bags for boys. While they are intended for boys, they aren’t limited to them. Here is a list of them. 

Blind Bags for Girls

We also have a great selection of Blind Bags for girls. Shop top brands such as Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty.

Rare Blind Bags

What’s cooler than blind bag toys? Rare ones. If you thought the excitement of collecting a regular blind bag was enough, wait until you get to show off a rare one.

Normally, it’s expensive and/or challenging to buy a rare blind bag. Most sellers offer a blind bag with a “Chance for a rare”. Imagine how unlikely that is, you’d probably have to buy at least 10 before getting your hands on one. 

The best way to get a rare blind bag is to find an identified product listing that guarantees one. For example, our Toy Story blind bag listing has a Silver Rare Buzz. The Silver Buzz figures are rare because only 1 is included per display box.

Another identified rare item is the Green Shell Trophy from our identified Mario Kart set. This trophy is considered ultra-rare as there is only 1 per assortment and therefore less available to buyers.

If you manage to find a listing with a rare identified figure, it’s best to act fast. They don’t normally last long. On most eBay pages, they’re the first character to be sold out. 

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