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The Transformer Universe is full to the brim with dangerous and heroic machines, with the DecepticonsAutobots and at constant war there is truly no visible Winner. With both sides having a wide variety of Transformers, with the ability to transform into objects such as Jets, Sports Cars, Tanks and even Cassette Players there is a huge collection of dangerous and unique fighters, but who is the most powerful?  Read on to discover who the most powerful is.

The Transformers Universe is undeniably vast, with several versions of the story and different takes on specific characters.

In this Ranking, we will get a balance from the Films, the Cartoons, and the Comics, rather than just one of them. 




Soundwave A.K.A Sound Blaster is an integral part of Megatron's team. A commander of communication, Soundwave answers only to Megatron and is comparable in rank to Starscream and Shockwave but some may argue he is more loyal. Soundwave is famously recognized and loved for being able to transform into a microcassette recorder and using his Sound Blaster as well as other weapons like Twin Turbo Cannons, Sonic Cannon and even a small shotgun cannon. P.S. he even has tentacles which he uses to destroy vehicles, obtain data from computers and satellites, and just scare people (which he does constantly in the Transformer Movie). He is not someone to take lightly even though he is placed 10th, there are many Transformers both Autobots and Deceptions who would not dare get in his way.




Bumblebee, often considered the “little brother” or youngling of the group, is truly loved by all! Known for his iconic transforming ability into the ever-popular Volkswagen Beetle and Chevrolet Camaro he was an instant fan favourite. Bumblebee may not be the biggest or most deadly, however, his sheer courage and heart makes up for it. In the comics, he has numerous upgrades to make him more powerful. Bumblebee has an impeccable mindset that makes him a worthy opponent for anyone! Known for his role as Spy he is incredibly useful for espionage but due to all the upgrades he has since become more of a warrior and protector, but that won’t stop him from having fun and showing his great sense of humor. 




One of the coolest looking Decepticons ever, Shockwave is extremely powerful. A ruthless Military Commander always searching for strategies and methods to destroy the Autobots. Shockwave is almost demon-like, a Decepticon with the iconic singular red eye and the two horns. Able to transform into multiple vehicles such as a Cybertronian Tank, Jet & Helicopter. Shockwave has often been compared to Megatron in terms of sheer power, but could he take him on? On paper it's statistically quite a close matchup, but with Megatron's sheer strength, firepower and experience he may just edge it…. But that’s just my opinion.
Shockwave is often referred to as “the mad scientist” due to his extreme intelligence, arguably this makes him one of the most feared Decepticons as his approach differs from most Decepticons, instead of simply shooting on site, he prefers to use his mind to find the most efficient solution to solving the problem, these are often extreme. 




Ironhide is one of the oldest Transformers, he is a long-time friend and ally to Optimus Prime, Ironhide is officially Optimus Prime’s bodyguard but can also be seen as his senior officer. Ironhide provides necessary muscle and heavy weaponry. His role primarily is Security for the Autobots, which suits perfectly as he is armed to the teeth with weapons such as missiles, machine guns and so much more. Ironhide has extreme courage and will not go down without a fight as many of you will know. Ironhide is loyal to a fault and certainly doesn’t ‘hide’ from a fight, but sometimes his lack of speed allows the Decepticons to toy with the slower Autobot….until he gets ahold of them.




The treacherous Decepticon Air Commander Starscream is one of the most deadly Transformers. Famous for having incredible speed, skill and limitless ambition to be the leader of the Decepticons, he will stop at almost nothing to achieve this goal. Starscream often goes behind Megatron's back and even betrays him for his own personal gain, however, it never ends well for Starscream, but that doesn’t stop him from trying again and again! 

Starscream uses lock-on missiles, a Gatling gun and Null rays to incapacitate his enemies, with the cannon able to lock-on to three enemies at once. He is also able to transform into one of the fastest Jets, he is truly a real threat...not to just the Autobots.



Hot Rod

Hot Rod is known to be similar to Bumblebee, almost brother-like, reckless, childish and impulsive. He is truly young-spirited but that does not mean he is not powerful! In fact, he is one of the most powerful Autobots, he is very well-rounded in regard to his characteristics and has a unique weapon called “Time Gun” which creates bubbles that slow down the time of whatever it impacts on, providing him a significant edge over his enemies.

It is important to note that Hot Rod does in fact die, however, he comes back and Hot Rod evolves into "Rodimus Prime", an older, larger, and more powerful version of himself, arguably one of the most powerful Transformers ever!



Omega Supreme

Now we are starting to get serious, OMEGA SUPREME, if the name alone doesn’t speak volumes then maybe his huge arsenal of Cybertronian Weapons will. Omega Supreme is known for being the base defender of Cybertron but often is needed in battle by Optimus Prime and he is more than happy to join the fight. Omega is not a man of many words but he certainly gets involved in the action, he follows orders and is ‘always prepared’ [his iconic line]. If this wasn’t enough, Omega Supreme is one of the largest Transformers there is, he is also able to fight multiple Decepticons at once, even his counterpart Devastator which is multiple Decepticons in one!



What is more badass than a Transformer T-Rex? The answer is nothing. A fan favourite Grimlock is exactly that, he is an extremely large Autobot and leader of the Dinobots. Known for his extreme power and brute force he is simply a beast, not to mention he has an Energo Sword, just a cherry on the top. Grimlock is feared by many, he is often seen as a risk due to his wildcard personality but he is often required and he always delivers in spectacular fashion. In the comics, Grimlock is equally powerful to Optimus Prime and he sees himself as a potential leader of the Autobots. However his poor leadership qualities would say otherwise, he does have the potential to lead and would be an extremely powerful one at that.




The forever rival of Optimus Prime, the Leader of the Decepticons and a fierce warrior who is obsessed with destruction, Megatron is definitely up for contention to be the most powerful Transformer. Megatron is the reason why there was a Decepticon uprising, leading to a brutal civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons for millennia. 

Megatron has it all, strength, intelligence, skill and most of all he has the mentality to win. His huge set of weaponry and ability to transform into a Jet certainly helps in those fights! He is equipped with a fusion cannon, famous for killing so many Autobots, he is without the most Deadly on this list. He can manipulate even the strongest minds and if that doesn’t work, his cannon will. 

With that being said, one could argue that the reason he is not number 1 is due to his brash nature, often leading to grave mistakes, the most famous of all being that of shooting down an innocent worker, that worker is now known as Optimus Prime.



Optimus Prime

The Autobot Leader himself, is not only extremely intelligent, skillful and fast but most importantly he has courage and determination! He leads the Autobots with great honor and is a true leader, fighting for millions of years he is the true embodiment of order and heroism. Optimus has a great arsenal of weapons and is more than capable of taking down the hardest of foes, either using his ION Blaster or his Sword. Optimus Prime has beaten the best on many occasions, defeating Megatron on multiple occasions and taken down several enemies that not even the most skilled Autobots would stand a chance VS.
Optimus Prime is legendary in the Transformer Universe for many reasons, but one could say it is because he can never be counted out in any fight.


Primus and Unicron

As you may have noticed this list did not contain the brothers Primus (on the left) and Unicron (on the right). Simply because they are too powerful and are seen as more of a deity/Gods in the Transformer Universe. Not only are they Gigantic (planet size), but their power levels would be off the charts and therefore obvious winners. Their only realistic opponent would be each other, Primus IS CYBERTRON….he is literally the planet….. As for Unicron, he is also a planet…. THAT EATS PLANETS! As seen in the image above, most transformers are the size of their fingers. Due to this we did not include them as personally we do not feel it is fair, that being said obviously they are the 2 strongest but who is the most powerful between them, both have extremely power levels so we will let you decide who wins that fight! 


Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of badass Transformers that unfortunately could not be included in this list, so I decided to make an honorable mention list to give them the credit they deserve. 

  • Slipstream
  • Slipstream, a Decepticon with a sharp tongue and a quick mind! She is fast, tenacious and deadly. She is a real thorn in the side of the Autobots.

  • Jazz
  • Jazz has been with his leader and friend Optimus Prime since it all started. He is considerably small for a Transformer but his speed, skills and ability to adapt and improvise is excellent. He is regarded as one of the most ‘chilled’ and known to love the fashion and trends on earth.

  • Driller 
  • So close to making this list is the subterranean Transformer Driller. A gargantuan Worm like Monster with tentacles! It takes multiple transformers to battle him due to his size, and the beast is capable of nothing short of pure Carnage. The reason he is not on this list is purely down to the fact that they are seen more as pets, as Driller is loyal to his Master Shockwave. This could lead to an argument that Shockwave could be higher up the list with his trusty companion, the 2 of them would certainly be hard to beat, even by the best!

  • Mirage
  • Mirage A.K.A Dino is a multi-skilled warrior with some exceptional abilities, with the name being a slight giveaway he is able to use holographic powers as a form of decepticon. He uses rifles and powerful swords to slice through his enemies, as well as being versatile in escape due to his grappling hooks, which he even uses in battle.   

  • Drift
  • A former Decepticon who joined the Autobots when he received a message from Optimus himself asking for help. Drift is a Samurai warrior who can transform into both a Bugatti and a helicopter (he is about as cool as they come). An expert with the blade he slices his former allies to pieces with style and zero hesitation.

  • Hound
  • The battle hungry Hound craves war, he subdues his foes with his vast arsenal of deadly weapons such as shotguns, pistols and miniguns. Unlike most autobots Hound  is impulsive, aggressive and loves to be the center of attention, he even smokes a cigar and often uses it as a weapon vs the Decepticons. He is certainly a wild card with questionable fighting technique however the results speak for themselves, he is well-respected among the Autobots because of it.



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