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As many people know, we have one of the widest selections of Ghostbusters toys available in the online toy space. 

This range consists of Ghostbusters action figures, soft and cuddly plush toys and even bottle openers

In this article, you can find the 3 best Ghostbusters toys and gifts available to buy from Toptoys2u.

1. Funko Ghostbusters Peter Venkman Firehouse

There's no denying that one of the best Ghostbusters gifts is the Funko Peter Venkman Firehouse, superbly crafted out of vinyl, it makes a great addition to any collector's shelf. 

The house itself has magnificent detail, from the brick work down to the eaves, the building architecture is spot on. 

Furthermore, the Peter Venkman Vinyl Figure that's included is also highly-detailed and features realistic foam scattered from the top to the bottom of the figure. 

Overall, it's one of Funko's iconic pieces. 

2. Funko Ghostbusters Slimer Translucent 


Without a doubt, a contender for one of our best Ghostbusters toys, our Funko POP! Ghostbusters Slimer Translucent Special Edition

I mean, who doesn't want a Slimer figure with hot dogs in their mouth? What's more, it's the 35th anniversary edition WITH the special edition sticker.

Therefore making it highly collectible, and it's also hard to find. We stock it right here at Toptoys2u. 

3. Funko Hikari Stay Puft Ice Edition

funko hikari ice

The Funko Hikari Stay Puft Ice Edition is also one of the best Ghostbusters toys that we sell because it's a beautifully hand-crafted collector's item. There were only 1500 pieces of this ever made, therefore making it Limited Edition. 

There were also two versions of this created, and this is the ice version which is more transparent and shiny than the standard Funko Hikari Stay Puft

These are made form Funko premium quality Japanese vinyl and are highly sought after. At the time of writing, there is still a limited amount of stock available. However, it won't stay that way for long. 


For us, these are some of the best Ghostbusters toys and gifts that we sell. There are many others we also sell, but from a collector's perspective, these were the 3 that are more sought after. 


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