Who are the Peppa Pig Characters?

Peppa Pig is very popular, both in and out of the show! She has lots of friends with all types of animals and loves spending time with her mother, Mummy Pig, her father, Daddy Pig and her brother, George Pig! 

But who are the rest of the characters and what do they do in the world of Peppa Pig? Join us as we find out about Peppa’s family and closest friends with some oinktastic fun facts!

Peppa Pig

Who is Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig is the titular character of the show. Peppa is 4 years old and loves going on adventures with her family, her special teddy and her pet goldfish, Goldie! She is mostly seen wearing her favourite red dress with black shoes but also loves playing dress up such as on rainy days where you’ll see her wearing her bright yellow raincoat and boots when she is jumping up and down in muddy puddles, or dressing up for Halloween! 

Where does Peppa Pig live?

Peppa Pigs House is yellow and stands at the top of a hill at 3 Astley Street in Peppatown, just outside of London.

Who voices Peppa Pig?

While there have been many voice actresses for Peppa Pig over the years, the character is currently played by Amelie Bea Smith since 2020!

Who is Peppa Pig?

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George Pig

Who is George Pig?

George Pig is Peppa’s 2 year old little brother, who usually wears a blue shirt with red boots! He is also an excellent ice skater but cries very often!

What are George Pig’s hobbies?

George loves having fun with his favourite green dinosaur toy and takes it everywhere he goes, especially on adventures! 

George has a den shaped like a castle, which he loves to play inside with his best friend Richard Rabbit, Peppa and all his friends at the playgroup too!

Who voices George Pig?

Just like Peppa, there have been many voice actors for George Pig over the years! The character is currently voiced by Kira Monteith since 2023!

Who is George Pig

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Mummy Pig

Who is Mummy Pig?

Mummy Pig is the mother of Peppa and George Pig, and the wife of Daddy Pig! She usually wears a pretty orange dress and has long eyelashes.

What is Mummy Pig's job?

Mummy Pig works from home on her computer doing “important work”, sometimes with a little help from Peppa and George as long as they are careful with the keyboard! Mummy Pig also volunteers at the Mummies Fire Engine Service, and even helped put out a fire that started at a barbecue while Daddy Pig was with his friends!

What are Mummy Pig's skills?

Mummy Pig is very strong and very skilled in lots of things, even though she doesn’t like to brag about it. She is so skilled that at the funfair she was told it was impossible to win the Catch A Duck game, but still ended up getting the big prize for Peppa. That very same day, she won the Archery game and the Bell and Hammer game and managed to win giant teddies for all of Peppa’s friends!

Mummy Pig always loves to cook, especially spaghetti and chocolate cakes! Whenever Mummy Pig makes pancakes, Peppa and George love to help her by stirring the pancake mix.

Who voices Mummy Pig?

Mummy pig is voiced by Morwenna Banks for 20 years, who also voices Madame Gazelle and Miss Hamster, who is also the doctor of Peppatown!

Who is Mummy Pig

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Daddy Pig

Who is Daddy Pig?

Daddy Pig is the jolly father of Peppa and George Pig, and the husband of Mummy Pig, who all live in the little yellow house at 3 Astley Street! He has a big round tummy and usually wears a teal top and black shoes, and is the only one in Peppa’s family with glasses!

What is Daddy Pig’s job?

No one knows what his real job is, only that he works in an office and describes his job as “taking big numbers, transmuting them and calculating their load-bearing tangents” which could be something to do with building structures!

What are Daddy Pig's hobbies?

Daddy Pig likes to read the newspaper and loves going on trips in his red car, although he sometimes gets lost since he isn’t very good at map reading. He loves sitting on the sofa and watching TV to relax and is very good at drumming!

He is very good at sports like diving and even plays football for the local team of Peppatown. He is also a world-record muddy puddle jumping champion! Just don’t ask him to do any DIY or you might end up with lots of holes in your wall!

Who voices Daddy Pig?

Daddy pig is voiced by Richard Ridings, who brings his character to life with his jolly and fun personality, has also voiced Daddy Pig for 20 years!

Who is Daddy Pig

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Granny and Grandpa Pig!

Who is Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig?

Granny and Granpda Pig are the grandparents to Peppa and George, and the mum and dad to Mummy Pig! Granny pig often wears a pink dress and also has long eyelashes, while Grandpa Pig wears a purple top and can always be seen with his purple captain’s hat!

What are Granny Pig’s hobbies?

Granny Pig has three chickens called Jemima, Sarah and Vanessa and a cockerel called Neville, who all love to eat Grandpa Pig’s lettuce! Whenever Peppa and George are staying at their house, they love to collect the chicken eggs together! 

Granny Pig also loves to make delicious chocolate cake which Peppa and George enjoy when they stay at their grandparents’ house. She also likes to collect old things and stores them in her attic for memories!

What are Grandpa Pig’s hobbies?

Grandpa Pig has many hobbies! He is an avid gardener, growing all types of vegetables and even grows giant pumpkins for Peppa on Halloween! He is also great at sailing, and loves to race his best friend, Grandad Dog, whenever they are out on their boats! 

Grandpa Pig also has his own train which he built himself, called “Gertrude”. The train is fitted with car wheels, so it can drive everywhere on the road, without railway tracks! He even rescues Mrs Rabbit’s passengers if her big train breaks down, and helps to fix her train afterward since he’s good at mending things! Shame he didn’t pass this skill onto Daddy pig!

Who voices Granny and Grandpa Pig?

Granny Pig is voiced by Frances White, while Grandpa Pig is voiced by David Graham!

Who is Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig
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Peppa Pig’s Friends and Other Characters!

Peppa has lots of friends and is very popular all around the world! She loves to play with everyone at playgroup, including her little brother George! Find out more about her friends and other characters in Peppa Pig below!

Who is Suzy Sheep?

Suzy Sheep is Peppa’s best friend since they were babies! They always play together in playgroup and love talking to each other! One time they spoke so much on sports day that they forgot to run and ended up last in the school race! 

Suzy Sheep wears a pink dress and has a favourite toy which is an owl. She also likes to dress up as a nurse, and when she grows up, she wants to be a doctor or a nurse as she likes to help sick people get better!

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Who is Zoe Zebra?

Zoe Zebra wears a purple dress, loves playing with her toy monkey and having picnics with everyone.

Zoe Zebra’s dad is a postman, who delivers all of the letters and parcels in Peppatown, while her mum makes pottery, who even made a clay tea set for Peppa and Zoe to play with!

Zoe Zebra also has two younger twin sisters, who are similar ages to George Pig. They are very active and Zoe sometimes gets annoyed when they want to play with the older children.

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Who is Danny Dog?

Danny Dog goes to the playgroup with Peppa and all the other children. He wears a purple shirt and black shoes but also loves to dress up as a pirate! He is always active and loves to play football, play the drums and likes to act!

Danny enjoys seeing Granddad Dog and helps him in his garage. Sometimes they go out on Grandad Dog’s boat together and run into Grandpa Pig with Peppa and George onboard!

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Who is Pedro Pony?

Pedro Pony is another friend of Peppa and goes to the playgroup with all the other children. He wears glasses, a yellow shirt with black shoes, and lives in a tall orange house on a hill with Mummy and Daddy Pony!

Pedro Pony has a pet stick insect called Steven and likes to play the guitar! He is often quite clumsy, and even ended up in hospital after he broke his leg! His favourite food is beans on toast and loves to pretend playing as a cowboy!

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Who is Freddy Fox?

Freddy Fox goes to the playgroup with all of the other children and loves to play hide and seek. His excellent sense of smell helps him find anyone even with his eyes closed! Pedro Pony calls Freddy’s nose a “super nose”, which helped Miss Hamster find Tiddles the turtle when it went missing up a tree!

He loves to ride his bike with Peppa and all their other friends, and wants to be a policeman when he grows up and drive a police car with flashing lights!

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Who is Candy Cat?

Candy Cat is an orange cat who wears a turquoise dress and black shoes. She goes to the same playgroup with the other children, loves drinking milk and her favourite food is fish fingers.

Candy Cat loves to mimic tigers, even teaching her friends how to be quiet and sneak near people to catch them by surprise! She also loves dressing up and chose to go as a witch to Peppa’s dress up party where she casted a spell to turn Peppa into a frog.

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Who is Rebecca Rabbit?

Rebecca Rabbit is a cream-coloured rabbit who wears a cyan coloured dress and is the older sister to Richard Rabbit, who is best friends with George Pig. She lives in a burrow with her mum, dad and two younger siblings, Rosie and Robbie Rabbit. This same burrow is also shared with the Mole family in Peppatown!

She has a favourite toy which is a stuffed carrot that makes sounds when it gets squeezed. She is very protective of her little brother and even gets into arguments with people over him. She is also sometimes bossy to him, similar to how Peppa is to George!

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Who is Gerald Giraffe?

Gerald Giraffe is the newest member of the playgroup and the tallest of the children in Peppatown! Thanks to his height, all of the children think he is really old, but Madame Gazelle explains this is simply because he is a giraffe.

One day, the playgroup decided to play a game of hide and seek at play time, where Gerald was found quite easily due to his height! Later on, the children decided to play with their ball and managed to get it stuck in the tree! Thankfully, Gerald was able to help get the ball back, and even rescued Tiddles the Tortoise after finding him in a tree!

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 Peppa Pig and Friends

A Penta of Perfect Peppa Pig Facts!

1: There are over 10 Peppa Pig theme parks in the world. The original Peppa Pig World opened over 10 years ago at Paultons Park in Hampshire, UK in April 2011!

2: Peppa Pig is a multi-media star! Not only does she have her own show, but she has also gone on to star in music albums, movies and even her own video games!

3: Peppa Pig is a global phenomenon, with merchandise estimated at over £1 billion worldwide! From Peppa Pig toys and super soft plushies, to Peppa Pig clothing and even Peppa Pig stationery, the list just goes on and on!

4: Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig’s real names are a mystery! They have never been called by their first names and no one knows what their names were before they were parents!

5: Peppa Pig is an Award-winning TV Show! In 2005, the show won its first BAFTA for Best Pre-School Animation series! It won the same award again in 2011 and 2012, and even managed to win an award for Best Performer awarded to Harley Bird, the voice actress of Peppa Pig at the time!

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We hope this oink-tastic list has pig-ued your interest in the world of Peppa Pig and got you prepped for your next muddy-puddle day!

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