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TikTok has taken the internet by storm! With all of the short, easy-to-access, quickfire content, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, and a hot-spot for all things fun! 

But there's even more to TikTok than people might know! TikTok Live is a streaming section on the site, where content creators, gamers and even TikTok Sellers (like us!) can join the live broadcasting world, where anything goes and nothing is edited! Anyone with a TikTok account and a phone can go live and entertain, interact and even sell products to anyone who comes across your live stream! 

The Toptoys2u TikTok Live & TikTok Shop is the BEST place to get all the BEST toy deals online, and now we are bringing those BEST toy deals here to our store! 

Have a browse through this belter of a blog and find all of our best sellers on the Toptoys2u TikTok Shop here! 

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop bridges the gap between users and online businesses to interact in an online world, in real time! TikTok Shop utilises the real-time presence of TikTok Live and allows TikTok sellers to display, describe and promote their products for all users of TikTok to see!

Just like a real-life market, there is plenty of interaction with customers, enticement of deals and plenty of products on display for all eyes to see! The combination of entertainment and commerce, backed by a worldwide user base, puts TikTok live shopping at the forefront in shaping the future of online shopping!

Users may also receive TikTok shop coupons as TikTok sellers will look to promote their products across their Lives and prioritise certain products that customers may be interested in! To aid in building their platform, there is also a TikTok shop new user voucher for any new customer looking to make a purchase at any TikTok shop!

How is TikTok LIVE and TikTok Shop different from an ecommerce website?

The usual online shopping experience consists of users primarily searching for a product with a reasonable price, pictures or a video (if you’re lucky), and if everything looks appealing enough, the user may purchase the product!

TikTok LIVE and TikTok Shop completely overhauls this way of shopping as users and customers have the ability to request and view a product that they are interested in from TikTok sellers, all while asking questions and interacting with the seller, so everything is clear before a purchase! This, in turn with an algorithm that prioritises showing related content the user may be interested in, means that shoppers won’t have to search far and wide until they find the product they want!

Did you know? 1 in 4 TikTok users are interested in buying from TikTok LIVE because they get to see the product (vs just seeing pictures)*1

What kind of products are sold on TikTok Shop?

The long-and-short is anything and everything can be sold on TikTok Shop! Sellers range from high-end designer clothes to groceries with fresh fruit and veg, and of course, toys! The ability of showcasing a product in real-time can help both sellers and users alike, with sellers being able to show a product in its full glory, rather than kept behind packaging, and sellers are able to find niche products which offer large amounts of discount compared to buying separate items, such as our Bargain Bundle Boxes!

Toptoys2u Mystery Bargain Bundle Box - Boys & Girls 4-8 Years - A TikTok Shop Best Seller!

Coming in at Number 1 on our list, with over 1000 orders of this box so far (as of May 2024), this Mystery Bargain Bundle Box has reached the top of the charts for one of the most popular products on the TikTok shop for multiple weeks!

This Mystery Bargain Bundle Box is a one-of-a-kind, where multiple products can be selected at random and put into a box at a bargain price! Customers can purchase this Mystery Bargain Bundle Box, for a boy or a girl, and we will customise the items for you! Inside, you will get 1 Large Toy, 2 Medium Toys and 3 Small Toys, for a total of 6 toys with a retail value fetching over £30! 

Of course, being Toptoys2u, the unbeatable offer doesn’t end there! Like most of our Mystery Boxes, this is fully customisable if you join us on our TikTok Live! Customers can swap and change each item with any of our TikTok Live Hosts, just by leaving notes at the checkout, or interacting in the chat at the time of your order being packed! 

Peppa Pig Toys

Mystery Bargain Bundle Box - Boys & Girls 4-8 Years

Grab yourself a TikTok Shop Best Seller and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Super Saver Bargain Bundle Box - HUGE Bang for your Buck!

One of our newest BELTER of a box (created only on the 5th of April), has already seen loads of success on TikTok Shop, with over 100 units sold (as of May 2024). This Super Saver Bargain Bundle Box was built with the aim of still providing Toptoys2u quality products, while being light on your wallet! This bundle has a selection of toys for both girls and boys which contains a playset, 2 pots of Confetti Play-Doh, a puzzle, a figurine and much more! This is a great way to get multiple gifts in one huge 8-piece bundle at a bargain!

Peppa Pig Toys

Super Saver Bargain Bundle Box

Protect your purse with a Super Saver Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Hot Wheels Mystery Bargain Bundle Box - BEAT THAT!

For collectors, fans of all things fast, or just love some cool designs on some great cars, Hot Wheels has always been a popular choice to grab! Our Hot Wheels Mystery Bargain Bundle Box has a retail value of over £55 for our Standard box and over £80 for our Premium box! In these super slick boxes, you’ll get a choice of a Hot Wheels Monster Truck, from the VW DragBus, Town Hauler, HW Pizza Co. or the Demolition Doubles: Monster Portions VS Tuong Ot Sriracha in our Premium box! But that’s not all, you’ll also get 5 (Standard box) or 7 (Premium box) Hot Wheels at random that are chosen from all different types of series and are sure to be super HOT Wheels!

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Toys

Hot Wheels Mystery Bargain Bundle Box

Gain some speed and catch this Hot Wheels Mystery Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Mystery Bargain Bundle Box - Preschool - A Toptoys2u Original!

Our second Bargain Bundle Box ever created, this box is aimed at anyone looking to get some toys for their kids who may be too young for the toys in some of our other Bargain Bundle Boxes! This box comes with 7 great toys, from plush toys to puzzles, and it even comes with a night light for your little one to rest easy at bedtime! This box is sure to make your TikTok shopping easier when trying to get some toys for your little ones and save your time online! 

Preschool Mystery Bargain Bundle Box

Preschool Mystery Bargain Bundle Box

Make playtime and bedtime a fun time for all with our Preschool Mystery Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Creative Sensory Bargain Bundle Box - Sensational!

Slime, Play-Doh, Sand and craft toys, the possibilities are endless on what a child can build and create with this Bargain Bundle Box! Scents, textures, amazing sights and great sounds, this bundle has so many ways to let your child mix and match and play however they like for hours on end! 

Creative Sensory Bargain Bundle Box

Creative Sensory Bargain Bundle Box

Get your Play-Doh shape-cutters and your sand castle bucket and have a sensory blast with this Creative Sensory Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Funko Bargain Bundle Box - A Funko Fanatic’s Dream!

Funko is a well-known and world renowned franchise for all things fun and collecting! There are over 14000 unique Funko characters and counting, and our Funko Bargain Bundle Box will make you feel like you’re close to reaching that number! With 11 Funko items in this bundle, all ranging from a rare Funko Pop! Figure, to MyMoji blind bag figures, a Funko Mopeez Plush Toy and Funko Keychains! This box is also a great entry-point to get yourself into collecting Funko items, or if you know others who are into collectibles then this box is for you!

Funko Bargain Bundle Box

Funko Bargain Bundle Box

Find all sorts of goodies and rare Funko items with this treasure trove in the Funko Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Family Game Night Bargain Bundle Box - Fun With The Family!

For days when you have free time, a day out or even just fancy some fun with the whole family, this Bargain Bundle Box is for you! This bundle comes with four card games for endless days of fun for the whole family, with all sorts of styles and genres of card games to suit your mood! 

Have a go at Exploding Minions - a super fun card game with all sorts of wackiness and all things Minions! Keep drawing cards from the deck until someone draws an Exploding Minion. If you draw that card, you’re out of the game! Drawing other cards can have powers that save you from exploding and be the last one standing!

The Pic Flip Match Card Game revolves around using matching pictures between a group of players and is a great way to learn more words! The first one to discard them all, wins! 

Like Monopoly? Enjoy Card Games? Then you’ll LOVE Monopoly Bid! This card game includes all of the fun and competition in Monopoly and turns it into a quick-fire bid and auction game! Players can pay with money cards, steal properties with Action cards, and change their luck with Wild Cards in this fast and fun game for the family!

Lexicon is a classic card game (all the way back from 1932!) Players must aim to eliminate all cards from their hand and avoid getting a total penalty point score of 100, which gets calculated at the end of each round! 

Family Game Night Bargain Bundle Box

Family Game Night Bargain Bundle Box

Have all sorts of fun with the family in the Family Game Night Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Ghostbusters Movie Bargain Bundle Box - Who ya gonna call? Toptoys2u!

With Ghostbusters making a comeback in cinemas in the 21st century, it would only make sense for Toptoys2u to have our very own Bargain Bundle Box in honour of all the new movies! Find all of your favourite characters and poltergeists in this ghoulishly great Bargain Bundle Box! From a super soft Slimer plush toy to a cool Stay Puft keyring, and even some super cool Funko Five Star Figures of Winston Zeddemore, Peter Venkman or Ray Stantz! You’ll also get some mad merchandise with two ceramic coffee mugs so you can drink your favourite beverage from your favourite franchise at the same time! For a total of 8 items, this Bargain Bundle Box was made for the Ghostbusters superfan!

Ghostbusters Movie Bargain Bundle Box

Ghostbusters Movie Bargain Bundle Box

Don’t get slimed and miss out on our Ghostbusters Movie Bargain Bundle Box! Get your proton pack and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Jurassic Bargain Bundle Box - It’s a Dino Delight!

Just like our Ghostbusters Movie Bargain Bundle Box, our Jurassic Bargain Bundle Box is aimed at the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World superfans! Whether you are a fan of the classic films in Jurassic Park, or are just getting started with the new series in Jurassic World, this is the Bargain Bundle Box for you! In this dynamite dino box, you’ll get 3 Revos vinyl figures with Ian Malcom, Alan Grant and a Raptor from Jurassic Park! You’ll also get a Jurassic Park Stainless Steel Travel Mug AND a mystery Matchbox vehicle from Jurassic Park or Jurassic World!

Jurassic Bargain Bundle Box

Jurassic Bargain Bundle Box

Discover your Jurassic Bargain Bundle Box before it goes extinct join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u TV & Film Bargain Bundle Box - Fantasy and Funny all in one!

For all fans of sitcoms, cartoons and epic dramas, this TV & Film Bargain Bundle Box is sure to transport you to your favourite fantasy world and enjoy your fandom like never before! Grabbing this Bargain Bundle Box will get you a cool set of Game Of Thrones Apron & Oven Mitts and a super useful Wireless Phone Charger from the Friends TV series!

You’ll also get Blipz & Chitz Bifold Wallet made with sturdy PU leather and reinforced stitching AND a mug with Snowball the family dog (real fans know he’s Snuffles) in his robot suit taking revenge against Jerry!

Finally, you’ll get some galactically great goodies with The Big Bang Theory Metal Money Tin, "Bazinga" and Logo Keychains and a set of 4 Cork-Backed Metal Coasters so you’ll always be able to quip and quark your way through the universe wearing some wonderful wares!

TV & Film Bargain Bundle Box

TV & Film Bargain Bundle Box

Get all types of mega merchandise that is out of this world with the TV & Film Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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Toptoys2u Rev & Roll Bargain Bundle Box - Rev, Roll and have fun with all!

With Rev & Roll being a sensational show for many kids during COVID-19 lockdowns, of course we had to make a Bargain Bundle Box for all fans! Join the gang of Trevor, Rev, Avery, Alley and more for all types of fun with these toys! In this Bargain Bundle Box you’ll get 2 Best Buddies, 2 Power-Up and 2 Mini-Action toys on each of the boys and girls bundles!

Rev & Roll Bargain Bundle Box

Rev & Roll Bargain Bundle Box

Rev & Roll around town with all of your favourite toys in the Rev & Roll Bargain Bundle Box and join us on TikTok Live here!

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See more Bargain Bundles, Exclusive Toys and Deals at Toptoys2u and Toptoys2u TikTok Shop!

Don’t forget, TikTok will randomly assign TikTok shop coupons so you’ll be able to Bag A Bargain By Buying A Bundle even more! Don’t miss out on all the amazing products we have to offer here and be sure to check out our TikTok Lives!

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