Celebrating the History of Barbie

Barbie Dolls & Accessories History

With the Barbie Movie coming up to be a big hit in July 2023, what better time to celebrate and go through the history of Barbie dolls and accessories than before the big cinema release! From the beginning of Barbie starting out as the original doll, to the addition of Ken and collaborations with fashion and clothing brands, we will cover various sections on the history of Barbie and show you some Barbie favourites at Toptoys2u!

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First Barbie Doll

Every great thing had to start somewhere! For Barbie, this began on March 9th 1959 when it was officially introduced at the American Toy Fair in New York City. In its debut year, this original Barbie Doll sold over 300,000 units at $3 each. An original mint condition doll can fetch upwards of $25,000 today!

Created by Ruth Handler, co-founder (alongside her husband, Elliot), of the toy company Mattel Inc, the first ever Barbie Doll had features such as blonde tied-back hair, red lipstick, and wore earrings, high-heels and a striped swimsuit, making a few re-appearances over the years.

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Introduction of Ken Dolls

Just two years later in 1961, the Ken Dolls were introduced as Barbie’s boyfriend, helping with the popularity of Barbie around the world and providing appeal to various male audiences. From here, more Barbie playsets including Ken and Barbie together were made, featuring various occasions such as a date night, holidays and even their own wedding!

Barbie & Ken

Collaborations and Barbie Fashionistas

With the popularity of Barbie continuing to increase to present day, fashion brands and other forms of media showed their interest in Barbie with the creation of collaborations with accessories and Barbie playsets! Beginning in 1984 in a collaboration with designer Oscar de la Renta, brands such as the clothing company, Roxy, and franchises such as Jurassic World have created unique accessories to be used across the entire Barbie, Ken and Barbie Fashionistas range which made its debut in 2009, appealing to the Barbie collector and fans alike!

Over the years, Barbie has made some great dolls inspired by celebrities across the world! Beginning with one of the world's first fashion models in 1967, Twiggy was immortalised in Barbie form with the very first Celebrity Barbie, and since then there have been plenty more legendary status celebrities to have their own Barbie doll, from Audrey Hepburn to Beyoncé and even Queen Elizabeth II.

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Five Fun Barbie Facts!

  • Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts
  • Barbie stands 11.5 inches tall
  • Barbie has held over 250 inspirational careers since her release!
  • Barbie landed on the moon 4 years before humans!
  • In 1997, the hit song, “Barbie Girl” reached the top of the music charts in over 10 countries!
  • Barbie was featured on the Sports Illustrated cover in 2014!
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