Best Educational Toys for School
With the Summer holidays in full swing and your child relaxing from the hustle and bustle of school, parents all over may be looking for ways to educate their child in the lead-up of going back to school! Don’t worry though, Toptoys2u is here to help you find all types of educational toys!
We will cover various types of toys to help your child through their early years, all the way to the beginning of secondary school, intriguing their interest with STEM subjects, to arts and social studies, your child will be a certified scholar during their time in school!

Back To School

While Summer holidays are in full swing, parents all over may be looking for ways to educate their child in the lead-up of going back to school! Here at Toptoys2u, there are all manners of ways to help your child during their school years! Toys are also a great way for your child to bond with other classmates and make friends as they get used to a new environment and a new curriculum! With a variety of learning toys, we will provide you with ways to educate your child using toys from all types of age ranges with a variety of subjects!

Preschool Toys

With many great ways to prepare your child for preschool, early learning toys are definitely up there with one of the best! Any of these toys will help garner interest from your child and help them keep focussed in lessons at school!

A fun and interactive Laugh & Learn book toy from Fisher-Price will help introduce your child to counting and animal sounds, learning through rhymes and songs to improve their cognitive abilities!

As your child grows, their arms and legs become more energetic too! A great way for them to learn to walk and jump is with these Fisher-Price stand-in activity centres! Obviously while your child’s teeth begin to show, dinner becomes an especially important time of the day as your child grows. It’s a great time for bonding and helping understand what your child likes and doesn’t like to eat! A great way for your child to learn how to use cutlery is through the functional toy spoons and forks with this Thomas & Friends Flatware Set!

Check out some more educational toys that are sure to help your child develop in their early years before they get into school:

Food & Fun with Thomas & Friends Flatware Set!

Laugh & Learn at Reading Time!

Teething & Rattling Trumpet!

Learn-to-hold Spoons!

2-in-1 Swing Activity Centre!

3-in-1 Activity Centre!

    Best Educational Toys For 3 Year Olds

    After gaining some education in their infancy, your child will be setting their sights on their first year at primary school! While this is obviously a nervous time for some children as they get into a new environment, parents can always help break the ice and get children to play together with some new toys! 

    As animals are likely to be a feature of a child’s growth, getting toy animals that make lots of noises and actions for children to imitate are a great way for your child to play with others!

    Another alternative way to help with your child’s social skills is with Miffy & Friends who can make conversation with you and your friends at the push of a button!

    Take a look at some more toys that are perfect for 3 year olds here:

    Fisher Price Little People Zoo Animals

    Thomas & Friends Adventures

    Fisher Price Activity Food Animals

    Miffy Talking Plush Toys

        Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds

        At 4 years old, your child is beginning to display more social awareness and communicate with people a lot more as their vocabulary grows!

        As they grow in school, they may begin to play with toys alongside friends and classmates. Some toys are great for driving communication such as UNO which can be played in groups of up to 10 people! 

        Another classic card game which is sure to keep children entertained for hours is Top Trumps! Combined with the popular Disney Planes, Top Trumps is a great way for your child to improve and develop their communication, numeracy and literacy skills!

        Your child may also be interested in some vehicles like airplanes and cars at this age, at which point, toys like this Rev & Rumble that have some mechanical features and can mimic real life features are a great toy to help educate your child and keep them enthused in their new hobbies!

        See more types of educational toys for your child’s early years here!

        Fireman Sam - UNO Card Game

        Spirit Untamed - UNO Card Game

        Rev & Roll Best Buddies Figure & Vehicle Pack

        Disney Planes Top Trumps

        Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds

        The selection of toys that specialise in subjects are endless!

        At this age, your child may like to socialise outside of school and take advantage of great weather. Toys that are suitable for outside such as these Heelys are great for improving their fitness while having fun at the same time!

        At the same age, their cognitive ability can be improved with games of logic such as these Disney Jigsaw sets!

        For some role play and imagination, playing with figures is always a great way for your child to get started! These Playskool Heroes Chomp Squad toys can be grouped together for children to play in a Jurassic-Era rescue squad with other dinosaurs!

        Check out a variety of educational toys for 5 year olds here!

        Cyan Blue Heelys

        Hot Pink Heelys

        Playskool Heroes Water Whipper

          Back To School Toys

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          With all this information at your fingertips, we hope to have provided you with many ideas for the best toys for going back to school!

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