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The Toy Story Mini Blind Bags Series Al's Toy Barn series were released in 2020 by Mattel. 

The series come in a very cool Al's Toy Barn themed packaging with a prominent cone at forefront of the background, so they're very recognizable. 

The figures themselves are approximately 4cm tall, so they're quite small but are very detailed. They look great when put onto a shelf, especially when they're collected together. Some collectors even buy a collection stand for them, which is a great idea. 

As far as blind bag toys are concerned, these are some of the coolest ones we've ever had in stock. There are 12 iconic characters in total to collect, one of which is a special edition Silver Rare Buzz.

Check out our tutorial on how to do it!

List of Al's Toy Barn Characters

We've gone ahead and identified all of the characters in the blind bag. To achieve this, we established that they each have a corresponding letter on the back of the packaging. 

We opened each one, and noted them down. Here's the list:

Why Buy Them From Us?

Well, we've offered our customers the opportunity to choose their own character. Yes, that sort of defeats the purpose of blind bags. However, we still offer blind bags in packs of 2, packs of 6, and packs of 10.

Therefore, you can still get the thrill from blind bags if you wish, or, if there's a particular character you want, you can purchase it through the identified product page. 

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