How to Hold the Ultimate Budget Kids Birthday Party

Hosting a great event for all!

Whether you are looking to host a fancy dress party full of activities, or a get-together with some entertainment, here are some tips and ideas to throw the ultimate kids birthday party on a budget!

Cheap Kid Birthday Parties

Superheroes from Marvel or princes and princesses from Disney are always a popular choice with kids, and there are plenty of options for activities to make sure the party keeps the kids entertained for hours.

Making paper masks, capes or crowns for kids to wear is always a quick and easy DIY job, especially when combined with toys for the kids to wear such as our fancy dress costumes!

Marvel Disney Star Wars Toys UK Toptoys2u

Simple Kids Party Ideas!

With costs of some products higher than ever, running a birthday party on a budget is a likelihood for any parent, especially when you have to host and entertain lots of children over a few hours!

Cheap kids birthday parties can be just as memorable as one with an endless budget. Food that can be shared like crisps and popcorn or cooked in bulk like hotdogs are always a great idea! The same can be said for any prizes or goodie bags, with lots of individual toys working as a perfect filler that initially came from a bundle.

We supply large amounts of bundles for toys and party supplies to our customers. Enjoy all of the savings from the bundles by only paying for shipping once as each bundle is built into the price of the product!

Check out some of the bundles we supply here!

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Cheap Ideas For Childrens Party

Part of making a great atmosphere and event are the decorations! From bunting to balloons, there are plenty of cheap ideas for children's party décor.

Here at Toptoys2u, we supply a large variety of cheap party decorations that are easy to set up and help style your event and make it stand out! DIYing has never been easier!

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The Cake!

Obviously, a birthday party isn’t a birthday party without some cake or candled spectacle for people to tuck into and enjoy! 

Cakes to fit your party theme are a great way to end the event, with lots of choices for flavours and styles, cakes can be made cheaply and are always appreciated.

For ideas on some cakes, check out all these recipes!

Numbers Cake (Number birthday cake recipe - Netmums)

Rainbow Cake (Rainbow layer cake recipe - Netmums)

KitKat Cake (Paw Patrol-inspired birthday cake recipe - Netmums)

Chocolate Traybake (Creepy crawlies cake recipe - Netmums)

Party Bags

While party bags are not a necessity to give your guests, they are always a useful way to make sure the remaining items or food at the party get used up instead of ending up in the bin!

Party bags are always cheap and easy to prepare and arrive in bulk packs. The amount of things you can pack away from the party will always be pleasing to the guests and the cleaners (aka the parents).

Party Goodie Bags UK Toptoys2u

Get more inspiration for simple kids party ideas with Toptoys2u

With all this information at your fingertips, holding the ultimate budget kids birthday party should be a doddle! Any manner of ideas can be used and combined to create a day to remember.

For more toys, gift ideas and other partyware, check out the links below!

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