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Attention all Halloween enthusiasts! With the month of October in full-swing and Halloween right around the corner, now is the time to start trying your hand at all the festivities this spook-tacular month has to offer! This article will cover all types of cool Halloween costume ideas, fun toys and some amazing merchandise to make your Halloween activities as spine-tingling as possible from Toptoys2u!

Read on to get all of your Halloween ideas and get some boo-tiful Halloween deals at Toptoys2u!

Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone knows that one of the main things everyone looks forward to on Halloween is dressing up as one of your favourite characters or real-life idols! While an easy route to achieve this is buying a ready-made costume, sometimes they need that little extra bit to make a good costume into a great one! Some easy Halloween costumes only require an extra little toy to add some flair!

Rock up to your sci-fi Halloween Party dressed as Anakin Skywalker and accessories the costume with a mini lightsaber which also doubles as a blind bag for some great trinkets!

You could try your hand at being Mary Poppins with this great costume that comes with her iconic red hat! All you need is an umbrella and a handbag (magic carpetbag is optional), and voila, your Mary Poppins cosplay is complete!

There are plenty of ways you can make some last minute Halloween costumes with a few household items and some extra accessories. With enough kitchen roll toilet paper or bandages, you could style yourself as an ancient mummy! Or if you ever want to dress up as the famous caped crusader, a fully black outfit and some form of makeshift cowl can complete the Batman look!

Whatever you decide to dress as, Toptoys2u has your back on any accessory you might need to make your bone-chilling costume turn into an eerie ensemble of attire!

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Halloween Costumes

Check out all of these costumes to cause fright or delight on Halloween!

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Halloween Party Food

Seasonal holidays often come with some of the coolest looking and most delicious food in the year, and Halloween is no exception! While there could be a zombie finger or two as a cake decoration, this extra flair only adds to a great snack and party food.

For any dark chocolate full-sized cakes, a small figurine makes a great cake topper and can add the extra spooky spirit that’s normally missing from non-Halloween food! You can always make some ghoulish-looking jelly with some cool figurines inside as a treat for anyone brave enough to tackle it!

If you’re ever needing a drink and wanting to quench some thirst, you can always get some Halloween-themed merchandise for all types of beverages wherever you are! From sturdy ceramic mugs designed on iconic characters, to bottle coolers from everyone's favourite parapsychologists in the Ghostbusters franchise, and even a bottle opener to boot, there are always ways to make your Halloween treats terrifyingly cool!

At the end of your party, any gifts and food left over can go into some Halloween goodie bags to give to your guests! There are plenty of themed options available to suit your Halloween party, with various designs and colours as well. End the party with some Halloween panache!


Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween Party Food Accessories 

Dazzle up your food and wow your guests with these Party Food accessories

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Creep-ifying Your Place With Halloween Decorations

Depending on your Halloween party themes, you might want to find some Halloween decorations and accessories to make your scary night one to remember! While it can cost excessive amounts of money for what is usually just a one-night celebration, there are plenty of ways to have a haunted house without scaring your wallet at the same time!

Lots of things can be used to decorate your home, from thin cloth sprawled out like a spiderweb, to the classic Jack-o’-lantern guarding everyone's doorstop! There are also banners, balloons and you can design any place with some Halloween figures and spooky toys hanging from the ceiling!

With Funko being a popular choice for high-quality vinyl figures in a variety of designs from all types of franchises, you can find many figurines to decorate your house in bulk with these cool and cheap Halloween decorations!


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Halloween Party Supplies

Dress up your house along with your costume with these great party supplies!

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Halloween Party Activities

Obviously, a classic and fun game for all ages on Halloween includes apple bobbing! A great way to spice this game up is to add extra prizes for people to catch with their teeth. For people who want to dive deeper down into the depths of a bowl, some trinkets from a blind bag can really get people fishing for that super cool figurine! 

Another great game is “guess the weight”, which can be done with a variety of products, big or small. Someone grabs a bunch of items, weighs them without anyone else knowing, and party guests try and guess the weight to win a prize! Getting a random amount of objects of various sizes helps keep the game interesting, from dense skeleton vinyl figures to soft and huge ghostly plush toys. The variety of spooky objects to play this game is endless! 

If a family & friends gathering is on the table, why not add some cards to it too! There are some fun card games you can play with a Halloween theme to keep the spooky atmosphere around! Table top card games new and old can always be a fun activity for a get-together. If you’re looking for something new, then try your hand at this Disney Hocus Pocus Tricks & Wits Card Game from Funko! Split into two teams, Kids versus Witches, and outsmart your opponents by grabbing the Ghastly Spell Book before the Black Flame Candle burns out to win! Perfect for all ages and all fans of Halloween! 

Finally, where there's Halloween, there’s Trick or Treat! Whether you are the one giving out tricks or getting treats, this activity is something that shares the spirit with Halloween around your local area! If you are ever tired of giving out candy, there are some great Halloween candy alternatives with a selection of blind bags to keep things fun or even small keychains for the little ones to accessorise their school bags!

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Halloween Party Activities 

Check out this selection of ghoulishly great Halloween card games and playsets!

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5 Frightening Halloween Facts

  1. Halloween gets some of its roots from ancient Celtic history, dating back over 2000 years ago! The celebration of “Samhain” takes place at the beginning of November, where the Celts believed the veil between the living and the spirit world was at its thinnest at that time of year. The Celts began wearing costumes to try and “trick” the spirits to ward them off!

  2. The activity of Trick-or-treating has a medieval past! This tradition stems from Scotland and Ireland, where children would go from door-to-door in an activity known as “guising”, asking for money and food in exchange for a display of skill such as singing, rhyming or what types of “tricks” they could perform! 

  3. Jack-o'-lanterns originate from Ireland! As part of Irish folklore, a myth was created about a man named “Stingy Jack”, who was eternally bound to roam the earth at night after making a deal with the devil. To give himself some light in the night, he lit some coal in a carved out turnip, which then changed after many Irish immigrated to America and found that native pumpkins were more abundant and ideal for carving.

  4. The heaviest pumpkin was recorded in Italy on 26 September 2021 and weighed 1226 KG. That's over 1 tonne!

  5. It’s very rare for a full moon to appear on Halloween! While many of us think of Halloween when we see a full moon, this only appears approximately every 19 years on Halloween night. The last full moon on 31st October was in 2020, so there will be a while until the next one!

Halloween Merchandise

Halloween Merchandise

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We hope this article has lifted up your spirits and that you get your pick of the patch on Halloween ideas here!

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